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Imperium Content is a content marketing online agency that helps businesses online brand their voice and digital market to their clients around the country.

The Foundation For Effortless E-Commerce


Carrying Your Online Business From "Start" to "Add to Cart"

Maybe you have finally identified your target audience, and you’re ready to launch with a beautiful website and social media pages.

Maybe you didn’t quite hit your quarterly sales goals and you want to get a boost with a heavily targeted social media campaign.

Maybe you’ve outgrown your niche, and want to rebrand without losing the customers you worked so hard to obtain.

Level Up With One-Stop-Shop Copy Packages

We handle one-time gigs like:

  • Product Descriptions
  • Blog Posts/Articles
  • Landing Pages
  • About Us pages
  • Email Campaigns

We also handle the big stuff:

  • Website Setup
  • Social Media Page Setup
  • Social Media Paid Ad Campaigns
  • Social Media Organic Campaigns

We bundle our services into easy packages:

  • Facebook/Instagram Boutique Foundation
  • E-Commerce Online Shop 101
  • Full Website Setup + Social Media Pages
  • 2-Week Flash Store Setup

Your Sales Are Our Biggest Concern

Any brand can throw together content on a template and press “Send”. But only your brand can sell your product to your customers.

You teach us everything we need to know about your brand (and if you don’t know, we help you figure it out.) Then, we partner with talented Graphic Designers to tell your story in all the places your business lives. 

Here's what one of our clients had to say about me and my team:

"Mateeka's work is professional and her writing has a unique voice. She is easy to communicate with and responds very quickly, she is upfront about her availability and sets realistic goals—she always meets them. And the cost is very reasonable."

Take a look around—and when you’re ready, Contact Us using the simple form below to setup your totally-free, no-obligation consultation.


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