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We are a marketing management agency that helps Influencers and online businesses get more followers and make more sales.

Content & Marketing For Your Business


Carrying Your Online Business From "Start" to "Add to Cart"

Are you an Influencer who wants to gain followers and turn all those “Likes” into $$?

An E Commerce website owner who wants to beef up those shopping carts and sell more online?

A brand that wants to build a content machine that brings more value to your customers?

Level Up With One-Stop-Shop Content Services

We handle content services including:

  • Product Descriptions
  • Blog Posts/SEO Articles
  • Landing Pages
  • About Us Pages
  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Media

We also handle the big digital marketing stuff:

  • Website Design
  • Digital Advertising & Marketing Strategy
  • SEO Services
  • Content Management

We even bundle our services into simple content packages:

  • Influencer Platform Analysis
  • Brand Strategy & Online Marketing
  • SEO Optimization & Content

Know Your Story, Know Your Customer

Imperium Content is your one-stop-shop for compelling advertisements, content and strategy that nudges the humble browser into an avid customer.

We help business owners at all levels—from the startups that are tired of trying to implement advice from YouTube “gurus” to seasoned owner/operators who want to increase sales.

We take a look at your brand with a fresh pair of eyes (well, several pairs of eyes). We'll help you narrow your focus, target your ideal customer with laser beams, and share your one-of-a-kind voice. 

Because that's what matters most to your customers.

We build. We optimize. We manage. No matter your goals, we have the tools and insight to help you reach them.

Here's what one of our clients had to say about me and my team:

"Mateeka's work is professional and her writing has a unique voice. She is easy to communicate with and responds very quickly, she is upfront about her availability and sets realistic goals—she always meets them. And the cost is very reasonable."

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